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Welcome to the Board!

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:34 pm
by Admin
Hi everyone, welcome to the Partner's Forum! These forums are open to all RBS Partners. To gain access here you must first purchase software from RBS. Guests are welcome in the Guests Forum, but unfortunately not in the main forums.

PLEASE NOTE: These forums are for PEER SUPPORT. RBS Support personnel may (or may not) read or reply to messages here in any of the forums. Official support from RBS is available through any of the resources below.

If you're having a problem, PLEASE file a support case using the below contact methods for OFFICIAL SUPPORT. Support requests in these forums may be seen only by other RBS Partners, and not necessarily official RBS suppoer personnel.

Phone: USA: (800) 519-7643 | (901) 405-1234 | London: 0207 993 2054 | Dublin: 016 571 749 | Sydney: 6-(128)-015-5277
Live Chat: